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Welcome to my version of a travel narrative. My academic experience has been formed through my study of a multitude of different disciplines and ideas. Below are a set of travel tips and tricks to aid your journey. Please enjoy the following exploration from topic to topic! 


A good place to start this journey is through the lens of my Honors degree. Throughout this portfolio you will find reflections on a variety of classes that span both my majors and minors. Many of these classes are Honors classe which can be viewed as a vessel for us to take our journey. Begin this journey at the “Departure”, a place for reflection on my general academic experience and the beginnings of thinking about how my honors experiences expand throughout my portfolio. This includes my assessments from Honors 100. From there, you can explore my different majors and minors under the "Explore" tab. This gives an overview of how I became interested in these disciplines and the different places that left a lasting impression on me. It also attempts to see the connections between my different academic interests and the tools they each prepared me with to navigate further into the vast unknown. Then, head over the “Travel” tab to see where else I explored during my college experience, this includes reflections on experiential learning and studying abroad. Finally, the navigate page will give you the tools needed to find me as I continue on my life journey; here you can find my Linkedin and contact information.

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